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Make a donation today and help children and elderly people in Vietnam

Your contribution

The OPEN HART foundation is a neutral organization.

When providing assistance, backgrounds are disregarded. The foundation hopes, in the future, to be able to make a difference to even more people in VIETNAM. You can support the foundation by transferring a contribution directly to our bank account:

The OPEN HART foundation is classified by the tax authorities as a public benefit organization (ANBI)
RSIN/ fiscal code ANBI


This means that donations made to the foundation, by individuals and businesses, are tax-deductible. So the Dutch tax authorities also contribute to your donation. Depending on the type (one-off or regular) these donations can be completely or partially deducted from your taxable income.

The OPEN HART foundation guarantees that all the money that the foundation receives, directly benefits the needy in VIETNAM. Administrative costs, travel expenses, remuneration  ...and so on.. are non-existent.

The Board

The board consists of:

- V.L. Hang            CHAIRMAN

- B. Hondeveld       TREASURER

- Michel Bouman    SECRETARY

* Mr V. L. Hang is originally

from Vietnam and has lived in the

Netherlands since 1980. He works as a goldsmith at a jeweller’s in Amsterdam. He is married and has a son. Because he

is concerned about the difficult life of the poor and handicapped in Vietnam and

wants his life to be meaningful, he established the Open Hart foundation in 2009. As a practising Zen Buddhist, he gives a monthly talk about Buddhism at his home and all the proceeds from the talk go to the foundation’s good causes.

* Mr Ben Hondeveld is an accountant/tax adviser by profession and has worked in the business for more than 25 years. He runs his own practice in Hoofddorp and has 30 employees who primarily serve small to medium-sized SME businesses. He is married and has two sons. Besides his demanding job he is actively involved in a number of foundations and associations, he regularly goes to the gym and he likes playing a game of chess. Moved by the good work which the Open Hart foundation does in Vietnam, he became the foundation’s treasurer in 2011.


Mr Michel Bouman is married to a Vietnamese lady and works in primary education. During his trips to Vietnam he has seen how many needy people there are in this country. Together with the Open Hart foundation he wants to provide support to these people. He became the foundation’s secretary in 2015.

POLICY PLAN ‘Open Hart Foundation 2018-2028’



This policy plan specifies the objectives of the “Stichting Open Hart” and the way in which these will be carried out in the coming years. The policy plan will be periodically reviewed and where necessary revised.


Activities of the foundation

As set out in the deed of formation, the main aim of the foundation is to provide help to needy people in Vietnam. This is put into concrete form through the personal travel of the foundation’s board around Vietnam (at their own expense) where goods are purchased from the funds raised and these are then distributed to orphanages, old people’s homes, other similar institutions, and so on. In addition to this, the foundation not only offers direct help by primarily providing food, but also indirect help by funding school costs, providing start up loans towards an own business, and so on. The latter, so that the needy people will eventually be able to support themselves.


The aim is to travel to Vietnam once every two or three years, depending on the funds raised. Donors and other interested parties are kept updated about the foundation’s work through videos and photos of its activities.


Fundraising methods

Donors for the foundation are recruited through

- the personal network of the board;

- a stand at gatherings

- the website

- giving talks

DVDs reporting the foundation’s activities are distributed to interested parties, after which they are personally approached and asked if they are interested in becoming a donor.

The plan is to increase the number of donors by approaching businesses, sending mailings and contacting charities.


Asset management

Records will be kept of all the foundation’s revenue and costs.

The travel report provides accountability to donors of how the funds are spent through an overview of all the items which were purchased for and all funds and resources which have been distributed to the needy people.


Financial accountability and audits

Mr B. Hondeveld serves as (external) treasurer of the foundation. He is a certified accountant and works in that position at Activa, Accountants & Belastingadviseurs B.V. in Hoofddorp (

He carries out the foundation’s annual audit (free of charge) and prepares the financial statements. Besides that, he also gives the foundation advice, by request and on his own initiative, about all administrative and fiscal matters.


The foundation’s board receives no remuneration except the necessary costs (not including travelling expenses) that are incurred by them.


Hoofddorp, 3 May 2018


The Open Hart Foundation Board

On their behalf, V.L. Hang


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